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Subject: RE: [Leica] re: how easy/expensive is digital
From: "Austin Franklin" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 21:21:32 -0400

Hi Kyle,

> >From experience, digital isn't that much of a time
> saver...unless you >have
> [snip]  It is a significant time sink having to print, as it takes >about
> one minute per 4x6 print, and...the time to get the
> >image into PS, and set-up the printer etc.  Changing inks, head
> >cleaning...the list goes on.  Anyone who believes they are, in the long
> >run, going to save time isn't being realistic.
> i can only speak from my own experience but this hasn't been the case at
> all. digital printing IS indeed slow (1 minute per image seems a fair
> estimate)

That's for 4x6 prints mind you...

> HOWEVER, that's significantly faster than printing b&w in my
> darkroom, which is a SERIOUS pain in the ass and takes a whole
> evening.

I was comparing it to bringing the film to the drug store, and getting back
double set of 4x6 prints from the's a fair comparison of what most
people do...because if they get a digital camera, who's going to print them?

> >Well, it costs about $1 per print from a digital I'm not
> >seeing the significant money savings.  For me to buy the film,
> develop >nd
> get double 4x6 prints from a 36 roll costs me about $17.  The same >hing
> from  digital would cost me $72...
> we could be at cross scales here, but i never print 36 exposures from a
> digital "roll" of film. i'm lucky if i get one image out of 36 that i want
> to print.

Obviously, you aren't talking about happy snaps of the family and you don't
have kids and a mother-in-law ;-)

> and talk about saving time when making multiple copies of your portfolio!

M P&S portfolio is the bag the film came back in, placed on the kitchen
table waiting for the next visit from YiaYia and Papou...which is every few

> i hate the process between
> pushing the shutter and seeing the result. and i hate the darkroom. and i
> hate developing film. and i hate spending money to have someone
> else develop
> it.

Well, for $17, for 72 prints that make the in-laws happy, it's cheap.

We are talking about two different uses.  I am comparing, what I consider,
comparable use...of course, when I shoot something for "art", it's developed
by me, and printed by me...and I print very few...but the ones I print are
spectacular, and they have a different audience.



P.S. Your capital "i" seems to be broken on your might want
to check taht out ;-)

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