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Subject: Re: [Leica] Radio (was News Groups)
From: "SonC \(Sonny Carter\)" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 13:04:05 -0500
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Seems so Barney,  I think Motherhood and apple pie are next on the
agenda, but I have not checked the archive, we may have done those


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From: "Barney Quinn" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 12:30 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Radio (was News Groups)

> My God, it never stops around here. I spent the first half of my
working life in
> Public Radio. I was one of the people who came to Washington in the
early seventies
> to help get NPR going. This is something of which I am very proud. I
think that
> Public Radio in America, it's local excesses and low pay not
withstanding, is a very
> good thing which has made a major contribution. Is it the new,
unwritten goal of the
> LUG to step on as many toes as possible?
> Barney
> Carl Pultz wrote:
> > Mark wrote:
> >
> > "I'd rather listen to jingles for zit cream then some public radio
> > commentator working for free but in love with their on voice as
they go
> > on and on and on. Don't they realized they've lost their audience
> > fifteen minutes ago? How about the poor people who already paid?
Do they
> > send them out a stack of CD's to listen to for the interim?"
> >
> > Oy, I know! I was one of those guys who had to do the begging, and
it was
> > just as painful to do as to listen to. The people who stay in that
> > believe in what they're doing enough to do it for next to nothing.
> > large markets like Portland, or here in Rochester, most on-air
staff is
> > payed - barely.) I wasn't into saying more than was necessary, and
> > preferred to work hard on making a creative flow of music (also on
> > Constantly discovering new music, and getting money for it, was
great. Not
> > as creative as my photo job, but no more Metol turning my cheeks
red, either.
> >
> > But, eventually, the fun went out of it. Between Newt Gingrich and
> > resultant competitive attitude of public radio, I decided it was
time to do
> > something else. Now, all these alternative means of delivery are
> > even more stress on the traditional stations. I worry about my
friends who
> > are still trying to keep up the fight.
> >
> > BTW, I will have a program on Public Radio International this
> > Christmas music performed by a local chamber chorus. (
> >
> > ) Gotta remember how to talk good again. Maybe KOPB will carry it.
> >
> > Ten years ago, I heard that the entire government support for all
> > broadcasting, TV and radio, was approximately the same as what was
spent by
> > the Pentagon on military bands. They have some fabulous bands.....
> >
> > Anyway, congrats on the new rig, and I hope the cat'll go easy on
> >
> > CP
> >
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