Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2002/09/29

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Subject: [Leica] No nudes, but lots of ideas
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 18:24:13 +1000

G'day all,

Well I've been slaving away prodding nagging and reminding, and the 
effort is paying off: Filing is in order and the final images for 
this years project are beginning to be assembled. Have a look at this 
fine haul, and I think you will agree, that we are going to equal or 
even better last years first attempt.

In 1955 the original Family of Man exhibition opened, and many of us 
on the LUG are using the 50th anniversary of that exhibition to mount 
our own. It is a group project, and draws on the talents and 
enthusiasm of people all over the world. For the photographers on the 
group, it is a chance to do some work outside the mundane, and for 
the rest of us, the chance to push our leicas into service, challenge 
ourselves and pit our images against some of the world's best 
photographers and photojournalists and all the other fine image 
makers who are helping the less experienced of us to mould this into 
a worthwhile exhibit.

Remember, if it is good enough: and I think the first year certainly 
was (we have already had publishers etc asking for involvement), then 
not only will we try to publish a book of images, but also to mount 
an exhibition of the prints. This is a great chance for everyone to 
put their work up on an international stage, and still have a lot of 

So if you have hesitated, or were put off by those who would have us 
believe we cannot achieve something worthwhile, think again, 
investigate the project on the web site, realize that I am in this 
for the full 5 years, and will continue to try to improve the 
project. I will continue to try to get good photographers involved, I 
will continue to try to make the judging fair, wide thinking and 
inclusive and I will continue to encourage every one of you who wants 
to improve your photography--- including me ;-)

I do need help with the judging, we still need more images, more 
variety, more ideas, more team work. I would encourage all those who 
became involved last year and at the end were feeling a bit down on 
the project to look again, and consider getting behind us and getting 
re-involved. If you thought the judging was wrong last year, give me 
your ideas, get on the panel and make your ideas count. I'm open to 
all thoughts, and I'm really not a bad bloke when you get to know me 

So here is the latest HUGE batch to come in for the Family of Man 2 
project. Enjoy the images, many of which you will have seen here on 
this station before, but which now have a chance of going further.
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