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Subject: [Leica] Friday F/S - Rollei 35
From: "Gene" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:04:20 -0700

For those occasions where your Leica is just too big:

Rollei 35 Chrome, Singapore, 40 f3.5 $150

Sorry it wasn't made in Germany and that it's not the f2.8 lens. It is,
however, in great shape. There are no dings. There are some rub marks,
mostly under the rewind lever. This was an impulse buy for me. I bought it
before I got my M6 and haven't used it since. When I got it, I ran 3 rolls
of print film through it with good results. The meter tracks with my
handheld and produced good exposures (to the extent one can judge with print
film) under outdoor sun, shade, and indoor lighting. The range finder is
dead on :) (For those not familiar, it's a scale focusing camera and the
range finder is your ability to guess the distance to the subject. My feeble
attempt at humor.) For more info, or pictures, email me.

I hate the words mint, rare, and collectable in ads. (although finding one
without any dings is pretty rare) I felt that I got a good buy at $150 and
am selling it for the same plus $10 for postage. (for those that just have
to wheel and deal, the price is $170 and I'll let you beat me down 10%)

Since I'm new to this list, let me say that I'm not a crook! I have good
feedback on both and eBay (*sop*) I don't do any of the credit
card schemes, but will use the  USPS Pay@Delivery ( if you
desire. In case you are not familiar with that, you make an electronic
payment from your checking account to me via the USPS bill pay service
(costs you $1).
When you've paid, they email me to ship the item. I print off the special
label that they have me download from their internet site and take it to the
post office. When the delivery confirmation barcode on the label is scanned
upon delivery, they deposit the money in my bank account. If I ship you a
brick, you get the Postal Inspector to go after me. If you send me a USPS
Postal Money Order, I'll ship the camera the next day. If you send me a
personal or business check, I'll wait 10 days for it to clear. The package
will be shipped Priority Mail, and will be insured. If it should be damaged
when you receive it, take it to your local post office and open it there in
the presence of a postal employee. that way any damage can be documented for
an insurance claim.

I will return your $150 (shipping is on you) if you are not pleased and ship
it back to me in the same condition as it was received. I will photograph it
and have someone witness that the camera looked like the photos when
packaged. (there are some dishonest people out there)

Thanks for looking.

Gene Jenkins
Special Occasion Photography
Fairfax VA

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