Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2002/09/13

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Subject: [Leica] LTM Ultron's from 1950's?
From: "Andrew Amundsen" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 14:03:20 -0700

This question may be best answered by, and directed to, Marc James Small, 
but I would like to hear any other LTM user/collectors knowledge of these
older Voigtlander lenses.

In Marc's book; 'Non-Leitz Leica thread mount lenses' in a footnote to talk
about the post-war LTM Voigtlander lenses, it says that the Ultron 50/f2
came in both rigid and collapsible versions. There is a reference to Hans P.
Rjner's 'Leica Copies' book also (which I don't have).

My questions are:

- -How rare are the two versions of these lenses in LTM?

- -Does the book 'Leica Copies' have photo illustrations of these lenses?

- -If not, can anyone suggest other books,web pages, or personal images of
these Ultrons?

Thanks for the time, Andrew Amundsen 
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