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Subject: RE: Subject: RE: [Leica] I See Dead People & PAW Ketchup
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 12:30:58 -0400

Equally respectfully - I'm not suggesting going into a situation with a
shooting "plan" of any kind. I am suggesting taking a nanosecond to ask
oneself, "why am I tripping the shutter?" And, further, I am suggesting that
a good deal longer be spent going over the resulting negs - or work prints -
asking oneself, "will someone looking at this image be able to see in it
what I saw in the original situation, or did I have much more information
than they have in this single still image?"

As to Winnogrand - Winnogrand had to gifts: the first was an absolutely
amazing eye, which probably functioned on a subconscious level, allowing him
to "see" things which very few mortal see; and he was obviously an
astoundingly good editor, able to pour over thousands and thousands of
images and pull out the comparative handful of truly outstanding images.

B. D.

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Subject: Subject: RE: [Leica] I See Dead People & PAW Ketchup

Respectfully, why think about why he's shooting the T-shirt?  What will that
accomplish? Going into a situation with "big ideas" weighs me down and takes
me away from the best advice I ever got as a photographer (from Chris
Rauschenberg at Blue Sky Gallery: "Shoot first and ask questions later." [He
got the advice from John Wayne]).  I'm not saying we shouldn't have anything
in our heads when we photograph, but I find being open to the moment and
responsive without censorship or preconceived is more productive and can
to pleasant surprises.  Perhaps this is the Winnogrand approach of
photographing something to see what it looks like photographed, but I think
that was good answer to "why do you photograph?"


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Subject: RE: [Leica] I See Dead People & PAW Ketchup

Rather than go back to reshoot the T-shirt, you might want to think about

why you're shooting the t-shirt - other than to document its existence.

B. D.>>
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