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Subject: [Leica] RE: Good Day
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 11:00:52 EDT

Dear Sir:

I am greatly honored by your having chosen me to participate in a
transaction of such delicate nature.  Please be assured that our
dealings will be held in total confidence.

Indeed, the need for a third party outside of your county to handle
the transfer of substantial sums of money is understood fully.  Such
a movement of funds must be done with both care and confidentiality.

Care must be exercised here in the United States as well.  We must
not arouse questions in banking arrangements or with our Internal
Revenue Service of the Government, which remains constantly alert
for large sum transfers for fear that they may be related to dealings in
illegal drugs.

I must take steps to avoid any such suspicion even though the arrangement
you propose has nothing to do with narcotics or other forbidden substances.
Since my actions here involve some risk to me I am sure you understand that
costs will be incurred.

In light of this, I am sure that you will appreciate the need for a "good
faith" payment of no less than 10% of my share in this transaction will have 
to be made to me prior to any large sum transfer being effected.  I must 
a new account to receive the proposed movement of funds, something which
requires my depositing personal funds to establish this dedicated account.

If the "good faith" pre-payment meets with your approval, please notify me
within the next three working days (exclusive of Saturday and Sunday).  The
funds will be deposited promptly and you will be notified of account
information in order to speedily effect the large transfer which you propose.

If I do not hear from you within the above specified time, your offer will
be considered invalid and thus negate any possibility of future dealings 
in this or other matters.


N.F. Way
IT Supervisor
Dewy, Cheatem, and Howe 
315 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10017


Dear Sir,

First, i wish to introduce myself as Mr Ikem Itoro Vice-chairman petroleum 
task force office of the presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I and my colleague have $34m (Thirty four million United states dollars) 
which we wish to invest - $24m (twenty four million) for a first term of five 
years . The remaining $Us 10m (ten million) will be set aside for our 
political project next year 2003. The money is in 2 boxes deposited safely in 
a security company.

We are interested in capital growth and stable economy.During a meeting with 
my colleague,we agreed to channel money into investment abroad and that I 
should look for a reliable foreign partner who would help me transfer the 
money abroad.
Bearing our prefrence in mind, am seeking your assistance by this mail ,For 
your assistance in moving this money out and putting it into a viable 
investment, 25% of the money would be yours,5% would be used for 
expenses,then the remaining 70% will be for me and my associate down 
here.while the money would be invested in any good busines in your country.

Possibly if we can agree and work togather confidentially, be rest assured 
that your intrest will be highly protected because we wish to have a meeting 
, know each other face to face and sign an agreement in place to protect each 
party,s intrest.

It is important to inform you that this business is risk free both now and in 

Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Warmest regards.

Mr. Ikem Itoro.

(Vice Chairman) Petroleum Task Force
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