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Subject: Re: [Leica] film and travel
From: doug kim <>
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 13:15:16 -0700

i understand that this may be seen as a flare or light leak instead of x-ray
fog, but trust me this is not the case.

i've tried scanning in the proof sheet and the pattern does not come out
very well unless it is a very large file. but when viewed in person, a
distinct zig-zag pattern is apparent and was immediately identified by the
lab technicians as the wave from an x-ray scanner.


On 8/2/02 12:53 PM, "Jim Hemenway" <> wrote:

> This looks more like flare to me than it does the results of scanning.
> Here's some info from Kodak that may be helpful.
> jim -
> -------------------------------
> Doug Kim wrote:
> my fault for not pointing it out. and also my monitor is perhaps
> calibrated
> a bit bright.
> i just uploaded a brighter version of it:
> the fog is present in the lower right hand corner and in a diagonal
> stripe
> from the red lamp in the upper right corner to the bottom left corner
> across
> the whole image. the lower right hand corner especially should almost be
> black.
> doug
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