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Subject: Re: [Leica] O series replica shutter query
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 08:33:52 +1000
References: <>

>I have a question for those list members using an O series replica. I have
>been using efke 25 and found I had good results with the O. However
>occasionally I had a band on the right side of the negative when I left the
>lens cap off for some minutes. As the manual says "it is recommended to
>leave the cap in place at all times except when taking a photo".
>Last weekend I tried a 400 ASA TMAX film in bright sunlight. The exposures
>were all 1/500th at f12 and I usually had the lens cap off for around 30
>seconds while I framed the shot and released the shutter ( things do not
>happen fast with the O  ;-)  ). However most of my frames have a bar down
>the right side indicating a light leak. I suspect it is a characteristic of
>the camera that becomes apparent only with fast film as I guess most films
>were pretty slow in 1923 and my exposures with efke only rarely show this
>problem.  However just in case it is my camera and not a characteristic
>which all of them exhibit can someone let me know if they have this problem
>with their O replica.
>A sample shot with the light leak is shown under "O series" on
>Ignore the PAW album as I am too swamped with other stuff to keep up.
>Jeff le kiwi


my "0" did the same thing with one roll of colour film: but it seemed 
to me it was on the occasions where I had wound on or done something 
I should not have without its little "cap". I'll run another film 
through it soon and we can discuss the issue further, or perhaps 
others can answer.

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Alastair Firkin

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