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Subject: [Leica] Ted's Mexico slides and notes.
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 15:40:36 -0700
References: <> <004c01c221cc$171cbec0$> <010201c221cd$e2485a40$>

Hi Gang,
Well so far it looks like the M7 is coming up roses once again, only colour
this time. :-) Damn it's good. ;-) Anyway it isn't just the camera to
comment on, as it seems everyone else is doing that. ;-)

I thought you might like to hear some comments about the photography as we,
Sandy Carter, my wife (she who must be obeyed) and myself  screened several
hundreds of selected Mexico assignment material.


Don't your knees work anymore?

This would've been a better angle from lower down.

You do know how to bend your knees don't you?  (some of you guys will love
that one after me saying bend yours.) ;-)

Maybe you should squat on occasion

Knees are made for bending. Aren't yours?
Now to appreciate the comments, they both are making them out loud as a form
of at times a kind of cutting criticism when the pictures come on the screen
during a second edit after the light table edit. There will be at least two
more edits, sometimes more till the final selection. So to come under
extensive critique small arms fire on the second edit could mean I'm in deep
doo do. ;-)

Oh that's a good one, but it's OK because the street is on a hill!  (This
indicates a sarcastic remark about the camera not being held straight! )

That one's not bad, but I thought you could've got lower. Are your knees OK

Gee you've proven water runs up hill once again!!!
I wont bore you with others, but the two of them can be as viscous as a
couple of black widow spiders when they intimidate me to an almost wimpering
beaten human.  Well they're not that bad.... damn near it though. :-)

But it keeps me on your toes when I'm shooting an assgnment to avoid a
considerable amount of heavy duty flak during the editing. But nobody is a
perfect shooter so it's inevitable I get wounded during the edits. :-)

Anyway there you go and some of guys think you have it tough at editing,
heck I try to get as much done by myself before the word whips come out. ;-)


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