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Subject: Re: [Leica] SilverFast software
From: "" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 17:05:14 -0400

I like Silverfast, except for that German pop song it plays after it
finishes a strip of negs.  Why not the Scorpions?!

on 6/29/02 3:27 PM, Carl Pultz at wrote:

> Mehrdad wrote:
> <product. look @ vue scan (simple to use but no ui)
> I've just started using Vuescan and like it a lot for color neg. Didn't
> really have any complaints about the Silverfast interface, and 'Negafix' is
> very helpful. Instead, it was it's rendering of contrast that I got
> frustrated with. I find Vuescan produces very long scale images, with more
> natural color, and greater acuitence/sharpness of grain structure using the
> milder infrared cleaning. Maybe I didn't get Silverfast setup properly, but
> eight months of use should be enough to figure it out! So, maybe it is an
> interface problem, or just the way this sw behaves. Hamrick used a Coolscan
> III, the same scanner I have.
> My Vuescan complaint: Compared to Silverfast or the latest Nikonscan sw, it
> takes almost two minutes to process a 26 meg tif file after the scan is
> done, on my P3, 450. That's with minimal infrared clean. Is it that slow
> for the rest of you?
> Worth the wait - much nicer scans, easier to 'shop.
> Carl
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