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Subject: Re: [Leica] M7 Problem
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:46:31 -0700
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Tina Manley wrote:
>>> As I'm editing the film from my trip to Honduras, I have discovered an
> unexpected problem with the M7.  It really complicates my editing!  Before
> the M7, I could quickly edit out all of the under and overexposed shots
> those that are out of focus.  With the M7 every single frame that I shot
> perfectly exposed.  I don't have room to store all of these photos!<<<

Hi Tina,
Another M7 exposure believer!!!!!! :-)

It's the most amazing thing I've seen how the M7 makes on the mark exposures
almost in any light you point the thing. I used it during the shoot in
Mexico where I wouldn't normally do so. As I prefer R8's for shooting colour
unless under extreme light conditions then I'd use the Noctilux and the M7.

Later today I'll get about 40 rolls of Kodak E100SW through the M7 from the
lab under some of the wildest colours and light one can imagine. So it will
be a major test for the M7 metering. I don't have any fears about the
exposures... however the content is always in question! ;-)

But since I've had mine, now a couple more on order, as it's completely
impossible to shoot M6 and M7 at the same time, you keep blowing frames
through the M6 because you shoot quickly and forget to adjust the aperture
or shutter speeds.

But whatever Leica did in producing the meter sensitivity for the M7 they
sure did it right! Of course it does create a major problem for us, as now
we get roll after roll of perfectly exposed frames and it surely does make
it tough for editing. :-)

But being realistic, it doesn't necessarily mean the content is better
immediately. But I'd bet a pile of money once one gets the feel and
confidence in using the M7 the content without question will improve, simply
because it allows a greater concentration on focusing and subject
composition. Without having to slow down and set shutter speeds.

In my case since using the M7 I've deliberately used various apertures while
shooting which I might otherwise have not simply because I don't have to
think about re-setting the shutter speeds at each aperture change made.

And if you're working at f 1.0 you need all the help you can get for that
complete edge of sharpness and the M7 shines like a beauty right here. :-)

Now back to checking M7 B&W rolls with another woman doctor. Lots of perfect
exposures and lots of imperfect contents! :-(

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