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Subject: RE: [Leica] Robert Frank in Ottawa
From: "Chris Schweda" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:24:08 -0500

Actually, I couldn't disagree more. I admire Frank's determination to seek 
new visions, new influences.

Tragic? Please.

Disappointing, maybe -- especially to those folks who liked Frank's earlier 

What's a "tragedy" is the insistence of the establishment to consistently 
pigeonhole artists. Frank's move is a courageous one -- the sort of 
visionary slide (or dive) that I wish more artists would have the courage to 
take. (Me, I see a sort of wicked, canny humor in Frank's later work, 
although many folks will disagree.)

What, we all should succomb to "Hemingway Syndrome?" (Spend the rest of your 
life sounding like a parody of your earlier self?)

Chris Schweda

>From: "B. D. Colen" <>

>Robert Frank....For whatever it's worth, I'd suggest that Robert Frank is 
>some ways a tragic figure in terms of photography in that he was someone
>with an incredible vision, and pretty amazing visual skills, who, in a
>sense, abandoned that vision and those skills to move in other directions. 
>know there are those who will disagree with me - :-) - but I think that if
>he is judge by what he's done in those "other directions," he'd be
>considered a very minor figure. It is only because of The Americans that
>anyone pays any attention to Frank.
>B. D.
>Throwing the old grenade and ducking.;-)

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