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Subject: Re: [Leica] Asking permission, KISS & the decisive moment
From: "James A. Gatlin" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 17:56:44 -0700
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You are probably correct about the theory of the first amendment... which is
only a THEORY!!!
The problem arises in your points 1 & 2... that ALMOST ANYTHING can be
considered to be "interference" by an over zealous cop. It falls under that
well established and very often used un-written law called, "Contempt of

When you get right down to real life.. not fanciful theories like the 1st
amendment... your only have the rights some cop, with his or her high school
understanding of them... allows you to have.

Welcome to the brave and secure new world.
Rights are optional, and not guarenteed.

> yesterday, after shooting for over an hour, i was told by a police
> officer that i couldn't take pictures in midway airport because of new
> FAA regulations.  the officer was very polite and respectful, so i
> didn't put up much of an argument.  but it seems to me this rule flies
> in the face of at least two general interpretations of the first
> amendment:
> 1. that photography is permitted in public places unless it presents a
> clear danger of interference to the performance of whatever public
> service is performed.
> 2. photography of public officials engaged in official duties--e.g,
> on-duty police officers--is permitted as long as the photographer
> doesn't interfere with the official's duties.
> the last time i was at midway--to pick up my niece--the security folks
> were announcing over a loudspeaker that they would not hand-inspect any
> baggage.  i'm pretty sure this is contrary to FAA regulations, which
> state that any traveler may request his/her bags be hand inspected.
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> brad daly
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> the realities of natural process."
> --Jock Sturges
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