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Subject: RE: Wandering OT now Re: [Leica] 16 cyl
From: "Austin Franklin" <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 15:22:13 -0400

> > Pretty much all the diesel locomotives you see are V16s...the
> majority of
> >  those from General Motors are fitted with either the 645 or 710 model
> >  diesel...number represents cubic inches.  Per cylinder!  The
> newest units
> >  from General Electric ring in at 15.7 liters/cylinder...
> >
> Yessss, and most of them are difficult to drive on the Interstate.

Hi Seth,

Yes, they are...but that isn't the point.  The initial point of someone
mentioning the 16 cylinder engine was to make some claim that it was not a
successful product...yet, it is a VERY successful product, just in the right

The reason 16 cylinder engines aren't "commonly" used in cars is a logistics
issue.  They simply are long, and as such, don't work well in today's
automobile.  For vehicles that do not have the same restrictions as
automobiles, they work very well.  I do not know if they are suitable for
tractor trailer trucks though, that would be interesting to find out.  I
know they are on the order of 10l to 14l!!!.  I'm sure a short web search
for one of the major TT manufacturers, like Peterbuilt or Kenworth etc.
would give that information...



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