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Subject: Re: [Leica] All Leica...and Xtol
From: david degner <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 11:54:00 -0700 (PDT)

I like them.  Since these are the borring type of
posed photos I can only laude your technical skill,
and what skill it is. The greyscale, exposure,
developing... all show  that you have control of the
medium.  I do like how you have the subjects focusing
on someone else. I will have have to post my equally
predictable shots of my prom as soon as I can find
another scanner.  Of course the good photos come later
in the night after all the posing :)

good job,
David Degner

- --- David Rodgers <> wrote:
> Just posted some b/w images I shot last weekend.
> Group of kids meeting 
> before HS prom. Shot 3 rolls in about 35 minutes. Of
> 105 frames 95 turned 
> out, and 10 didn't. Everything was shot with a 90/2
> or 35/2 Summicron. One 
> roll each of Acros, D400 and HP5+. All developed in
> Xtol 1:2. Negs scanned 
> at fairly low res on an Epson flatbed. .
> Links are...
> (click right arrow 
> for page 2)
> (cropped obviously)
> This little exercise convinced me that for b/w film
> is still way ahead of 
> digital for capture. No way could I have equaled
> this with my digital cameras.
> Sure digital's less expensive, but not THAT much
> less. $15 for film. $1.80 
> to develop. Batch scanning took a couple of hours,
> but only 15 minutes 
> actual hands on. And I have NEGS! I printed one
> image 24X16 on my Epson 
> 3000 with Piezo inks; rescanned on a Leafscan. 
> Happened to be an HP5+ neg. 
> Results amazed me!
> Dave
> BTW, the panoramic format was a crop I did for some
> video clips. I motion 
> panned the images using Adobe AfterFX.  Made several
> 15 sec long avi files 
> that went into a video yearbook. Better than video
> tape clips, IMHO. But 
> I've always favored still images over video.
> Further, the on-line images 
> lack technical quality on purpose.
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