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Subject: Re: [Leica] XTOL : an happy moment of my first experiment
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 23:16:47 -0700
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"Olivier T. Nguyen" wrote:
> hi everyone (again),
> I just finish developt my second trial of Agfa 100 in Xtol after the first
> one fail me yesterday due to my stupidness.
> I like the developer already.  Now i think i will try it with different
> dilute and agitation to match my taste.
> can anyone expert in this list give me any suggestion on my next experiment
> tomorrow with my next agfa 100, delta 400 and tmax 100?  all i want to do
> tomorrow is try to find the dilute that match my taste.  I will cut my 24exp
> roll of agfa into 2 and developt it 1/2 with 1:3 for 17 mins and other 1/2
> with 1:3 for 17mins with different agitation
> thank you again with all your helps.
> Olivier Nguyen

Hi Olivier! I'm a big Xtol proponent around here and I'm heavy into the
whole darkroom thing. Have been since 1965.
Check out my website! (personal work) Those pixels have been selenium toned!

Anyway you said:
> I like the developer already.  Now i think i will try it with different
> dilute and agitation to match my taste.

My i suggest that if you like the way things are looking then adjust TIME.
Don't adjust dilution and agitation or temperature. Only TIME.

I think lots of people would agree this is good advice.
Glad the Xtol is working for you after the initial problem.

There are a few glitches with Xtol one is if you develop a full liter
tank with a liter worth of 1:3 developer and four rolls in it you can
get your time.
That would be 16 minutes for Delta 400 for me.
But if ran only one roll in that filled tank those negs would come out
quite too dense at that time. More sauce per roll.
This is becuase we are developing at near exhaustion. That that
partially is what makes the quality so good.

You could run two rolls in a half liter tank. I don't think half rolls
would work.
Me I've very used to going out and shooting very quickly whole rolls of
stuff i don't think have good odds of coming out.
Because they are film tests. Rolls and rolls. Very fast. Point and
shoot. Don't think.
Sometimes the stuff actually comes out printable. ANd better than the
stuff i try hard on.
I buy bricks of film always.

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA
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