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Subject: Re: [Leica] R8 Motor Drive & weather! ;-)
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 19:11:11 -0700
References: <>

Tina asked:
>>> Where are you, Greg??  I can't imagine having a foot of snow in May!
> having a real cool spell now.  The high today was only 76 with real
> Carolina blue skies.<<<

Now Tina dear, you know I love you dearly daauuuuling, but we north of the
border in the Great White North are experiencing a somewhat totally weird
weather situation.

It's snowing when its supposed to be beautiful sunshine and warm breezes,
but we're getting snow, ice pellets and spring has yet to find itself. Last
year we here in Victoria were experiencing drought conditions where the city
and surrounding area was suffering water rationing.

This year there's so much water in the reservoir millions of liters of fresh
water are being dumped to the ocean.  :-(  Nothing is happening as it

However, I'm sorry to hear you're suffering through a "cool day" of 76
degrees. ;-) Damn I'm going to move really south before I die! ;-)

I wont respond for Greg, as I know he'll answer as soon as the huskies get
him back to the computer. ;-)

I think I should point out snow and R8's go together, with motor or
otherwise. And I say this simply because the day I received my first R8 in
December '96 we here in Victoria who rarely ever get snow of any amount, had
the biggest snow fall blizzard in a century closing the city down

Now Greg over in Calgary gets an R8 motor and they receive a foot of
snow..... are there Leica aliens involved here  or something? ;-)


Ted Grant Photography Limited

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