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Subject: Re: [Leica] MY INHERITANCE
From: "Kevin Argue" <>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 23:44:31 -0400

Dear Luggers- Please ignore this request from angola. In Canada we have had
similar scams by Nigerians. This should not even be posted on the lug.

Kevin Argue
St. Catharines, Ontario

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>From: "edum" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: [Leica] MY INHERITANCE
>Date: Fri, May 17, 2002, 6:53 AM

> Date:May 16,2002.
> Dear Sir,
> I am Mr.Eduado de Mello, one of the Principal
> Commanders of the Union for the Total Independence of
> Angola,UNITA.Well needless telling a very long story
> here for our story is indeed interwoven with the
> history of the world and the liberation struggle in
> the Southern African region of the African continent.
> The bubble burst just about some weeks ago today when my supreme
> commander, the late Dr.Jonas Savimbi was killed in an
> encounter with the government forces of the MPLA
> government of my country.The rest is now history but
> suffice it to say that I am tired of the unfortunate
> role of waging a war against my fatherland.I have
> therefore decided to pull out my troupes from the bush
> even if the other field commanders decide otherwise am
> therefore poised to effect a new beginning in my life
> and I have decided to make South Africa my new home at
> least for the interim period until I am sufficiently
> sure that I would be welcome home whole heartedly by
> the MPLA government in Luanda the capital of Angola.
> Needles to say I was the single most important
> commander who was very close to the late supreme
> commander; Dr.Jonas Savimbi.Indeed because I am a
> brother to one of his wives,he confided in me a great
> deal.The result of such trust is my reason for
> contacting you I was the commander whom he sent to
> deposit the sum of Thirty two million USD ($32million)
> with a security/finance company in South Africa.This
> was immediately after the events of September 11,2001
> in the United States of America.Indeed it had become
> increasingly difficult to move large volumes of money
> around the world particularly for a liberation
> movement like UNITA hence the recourse to keeping the
> money with the security company in South Africa. I
> have decided to inherit this money which was taken out
> and deposited with the said security/finance company
> as cash in Hundred dollar denominations.The money is
> kept in my signature and would have been used in the
> purchase of arms and ammunition for the purposes of
> continuing the civil war in Angola.The supreme
> commander is dead and as already stated I have decided
> to quite the whole thing and this is without regard to
> the fact that other commanders may wish to continue !
> I want to cooperate with you in my decision to inherit
> the $32million.I am still in the bush here but I have
> been able to establish contact with the company in
> South Africa to the effect that I would soon come to
> take possession of the money that I kept with them.
> Note also that I deposited the money as a foreign
> national who is the head of a Mining company in Angola
> (Never as a commander of UNITA). If you are able to
> cooperate with me over this am willing to give you 20%
> of the $32million.Please come back to me through
> email: security/finance
> company is standing by to receive my instructions on
> this and I will link you up with them as soon as you
> are ready to take possession of the $32million.
> Finally you are to note that in you reply, you are to
> state your residential or company address and if
> possible send a copy of your international passport so
> as to assure me that my money is safe in your hands.
> Yours truly,
> Eduado de Mello
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