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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: Focomat V35
From: "Beddoe, Neil" <>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:53:54 +0100

I'm afraid I disagree completely.  The focus shift caused by changing
filtration with a well-corrected lens is very small indeed.  This is more of
a problem with longer focus lenses but the effect would still be too small
to worry about on an enlarger.  Additionally, you should always focus an
enlarger wide open as this means you are focusing when depth of focus is at
its smallest.  Stopping after focusing down will increase the acceptable
focus field making it more likely that your prints will be sharp. 

I've been using a V35 for a while and I haven't adjusted the autofocus since
I initially set it up.  My prints are still pin-sharp whatever the colour of
the light.  Pericles must be moving something when he changes filtration.  

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>It is a known fact the one should focus an enlarger with
the filters in 
place and at the f/stop to be used for printing. The color of the light 
will cause a focus shift as will changing the f/stop.

So always focus your enlarger, with a grain focuser, with filters in place, 
and set to the desired f/stop.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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