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Subject: RE: [Leica] Salgado photos/end polio
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 16:38:52 -0400

Still have my "Polio Pioneer" button. Of course it would be interesting to
see what would happen today if someone wanted to run a clinical trial on
hundreds of thousands of school children - providing their parents with
virtually no information about the potential risks. Because that is
precisely how the trials were run in the 1950s.

Also, I recall in 1984 traveling to Winnipeg, I believe, to interview the
last patient living in the last polio ward in a public hospital there. She
had lived in the ward since the early 1950s, and spent every night in an
iron lung....

B. D.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Salgado photos/end polio

Thanks for the pointer Steve. Salgados work is as great as ever, even though
some here may dispute his place in the higher echelons of photography. I
remember with sadness the days of my schoolhood in the early 50's when many
of my friends were struck down by a polio epedemic here in the UK, and the
fear that my mother had that I and others would catch it. We were immunised
and I can still remember as clear as day going to the clinic for the
injections, and being very afraid. I guess I was about 7 at the time. Thank
God it is now a rarity here now and anything that can be done to eradicate
it worldwide must be a good thing.

Gerry -
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