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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leicas IIIc & Elmar 5cm f/3.5
From: Ken Wilcox <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 08:49:13 -0400
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At 1:35 AM -0700 5/14/02, Ray Moth wrote:
>big snip...
>The camera has a retro-fitted flash socket on the back, between the VF
>eyepiece and the accessory shoe and an added "synch. contol collar"
>under the fast speeds dial, with numbers 0 to 20. (Heaven knows what
>that dial is meant to do, it's "explained" in a Leica IIIf manual I
>downloaded but it's gibberish to me!) The fast shutter speeds dial has
>a red 30 in the 30--1 position. Could this IIIc haved been "upgraded"
>to a IIIf by Leica?

IIIc to IIIf was a common factory conversion.

>The lens is chromium plated, appears to be uncoated and is rather
>scruffy, with no fogging or fungus but with cleaning marks (a.k.a.
>scratches) on the front element. It has a distance scale in metres and
>the old European aperture scale: 3.5, 4.5, 6.3, 9, 12.5, 18.  The
>focusing helix is dry, stiff and wobbly and I guess it needs cleaning
>and greasing -  an easy do-it-youself job, by the look of it.

A small dab of grease can be applied to the exposed helical from the 
back. then work it back and forth for an hour or so and it probably 
will smooth out.

>The lens locks into its extended position OK. However, in its collapsed
>position it flops loosely in and out if the camera is tilted back and
>forth. Is it supposed to be like that? There is no sign of any velvet
>sleeve inside the tube to retain it.

I've never seen one this loose. I would think that if it locks out 
properly that this won't matter. Shoot a little and se if it performs 

Ken Wilcox
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