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Subject: Re: [Leica] LTM vs. M
From: "Andrew Amundsen" <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 15:25:59 -0700

I should clarify that I want to purchase a second leica, but only have 
around $500-600 to spend. Part of the allure of the LTM camera is a sort
of 'time travel'. Using a peice of equipment from the past to invigorate
my thinking, approach and vision. The slower use of seperate VF/RF isn't
a concern. I like the idea of slowing down with such a small precision
instrument. I would use the LTM mainly for personal work and to carry
like you would a wallet, always in your pocket. Thanks for all the
suggestions/advice. I'll be looking forward to more...

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>From: "B. D. Colen" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: RE: [Leica] LTM vs. M
>Date: Sat, May 11, 2002, 8:53 AM

> Andrew - There is no question that LTM's are wonderfully transportable,
> solid, and quiet. And, as you point out, the Cosina lenses are excellent
> modern lenses - in many cases as good or even slightly better than all but
> the latest aspheric M mount Leica lenses.
> But the real question is what you want to do with your Leica or Leicas, and
> whether photographic technology obsolete since the late 1950s suits your
> needs and method of shooting. How much of a pain would or do you find always
> having to deal with the separate rangefinder and viewfinder? Are you
> bothered by the slow film rewind process, and slow film advance process?
> Does the loading method slow you down or bother you? Are you bothered by the
> expense of having to have separate viewfinders for all but your 50 mm lens?
> Are you slowed down by changing thread mount lenses? If the answer to any of
> these questions is "yes," and "yes" to a degree that interferes with
> achieving your personal photographic vision, then you would probably benefit
> from going with an M camera.
> If the answer to all those questions is "no," then stick with the LTMs. They
> are repairable. There are repair people with part supplies. And they are
> wonderful vintage cameras. And they are relatively inexpensive.
> B. D.
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> Subject: [Leica] LTM vs. M
> Hello everyone, I'm curious the ratio of M user's on the LUG to regular
> LTM user's. When I purchased my first leica, an M2, last year I had two
> cameras in mind. It was a desicion between a IIIf with lens and the M2
> with 50mm lens.  At the last minute I decided to go with the M for
> various reasons. First the availablility of repair parts for M's seemed
> better. Second the ease of use of the combined VF/RF on the M's. Finally
> the ability to use modern lenses.
> Today LTM user's can also use modern lenses (the Cosina Voigtlander
> series), so I am again interesed in an older screw mount leica! What are
> the favorites of the LUG members? I love the size of the LTM cameras
> with a collapsible lens: pocketable! I'm leaning toward a IIIc or IIIf.
> Will I need to have a second body as a 'parts' camera if repairs are
> ever needed? Any advice from your combined expertise would be greatly
> appreciated! With my M2 on it's way for a repair, for who knows how
> long, I'm experiencing my first 'Leica withdrawl'!
> Thanks for the time! Andrew
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