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Subject: [Leica] RE: Re: Leicas appeal to everyone!!
From: "Felix Lopez de Maturana" <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 00:01:00 +0200

<All this fuzzy talk about the cats and dogs who share your lives through 
<sickness and health, sorrow and joy; it's wonderful, but it makes me so 
<sad. And when I'm sad I want to lash out at people. I can't help myself. 
<As much as I've tried, I just can't take a liking to our little furry 
<friends. Maybe I shouldn't say this because you people might laugh at 
<me, but when I was a child in grammar school, I would cry after 
<show-and-tell because everybody would pet and scratch the little 
<hamsters, kittens, and opossums that were brought in, but nobody would 
<scratch my head. It made me sad, so I used to pinch the little hamsters 
<on the nose so they couldn't breath. I don't want anyone to feel sorry 
<for me, because everything is going to change. I have a secret friend. 
<I've had him for a awhile, but I didn't want to tell anyone because I 
<thought people might laugh. When I'm sad he lies next to me and I 
<scratch his little head. I love that he needs me. He's so much better 
<than a dog or cat or hamster. He's a real friend who needs me as much as 
<I need him. My friends on the LUG are the first to meet him:




Wellcome to the large format world where the size rules!

Kind regards


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