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Subject: Re: [Leica] fs: Leica gear 5/10/02
From: "olivier nguyen" <>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 11:58:07 -0400

do you have any use motorize set for leica R8 ?
please let me know the price.  I look for cheap stuff
thank you

>Subject: [Leica] fs: Leica gear 5/10/02
>Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 03:06:34 EDT
>The Photo Village, Inc.
>594 Broadway, Suite #410
>in SoHo, NYC... Just two blocks south of the Leica Gallery.
>Please call (646) 613-1107 or email.
>Don't know if you want to own it? RENT IT. Please ask about our reasonable
>daily & weekly rates for renting Leica, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Nikon, Sinar,
>Linhof Panoramic, and more...we'll ship too!
>Leica M7, black, .72 IN STOCK, New, USA $2350 (only a few)
>Leica M7, black, .72 New, USA with 35f2.0 ASPH new, import $3355!
>Leica M7, .72 chrome, NOW SHIPPING New, USA $2350  (reserve one today.)
>Leica M7, black, .58 & .85, New, USA $2350 ($200 dept., delivery any day!)
>Cosina Voigtlander R2 bodies, due in @ $489 soon (black or olive)
>Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripods & Monopods IN STOCK
>Billingham Rucksack 25, perfect day pack, as featured in Leica Fotographie
>Billingham Alice Bag, L2, perfect M bag $149
>Leica M Bodies, Lenses, Finders and Motor Drives
>Abrahamsson Rapidwinders, Exc++ black and chrome was $495, now $400
>Leica M6 LHSA .72, demo, like new, 1 year US warr. $2295
>Leica M6 TTL .58 black, Mint, boxed $1395
>Leica M6 TTL .58 chrome, Mint, boxed, 1 year warr. $1345
>Leica M6 TTL .72  chrome, near Mint US demo, 1 year warr. was $1395, now 
>Leica M6 TTL .72 chrome, Mint-, strap, box, demo, 1 year US warr. was 
>now $1355
>Leica M6 TTL .72 black, Mint, strap, boxed, 1 year US warr. only $1395
>Leica M6 TTL .72 black, Exc, working 100%, cosmetic wear, great price $1150
>Leica M6 TTL .85, chrome, Mint, boxed, was $1395, then $1295, now $1250
>Leica M6 HM  .85 "classic" black, rare, New/boxed, $2499
>Leica M6 .72 black, Exc++ $1195
>Leica M4-P Anniversary (1913-83) chrome, Mint- was $1750, now $1595
>Leica M2, Mint- LR ST, was $1595, now $1495
>Leica M2, Exc+, BR, nice shooter was $999, now $979
>Leica CL, Exc++/Mint- was $595, now $555
>Leica IIIf, overhauled last year by DAG, Exc++ $545
>Leica IIf, more rare than IIIf, Exc $395
>SYOOM Leicavit, Exc/Exc+ $785
>Leica 21f2.8 ASPH, black, Exc++, low distortion, Mint glass: nice price was
>$1495, now $1395
>Leica 28f2.0 ASPH new import, reduced, only a few left! was $1595, now 
>Voigtlander 28f1.9 ASPH, black, New USA (in stock) lower was $489, now $479
>Leica 35f1.4 ASPH Summilux, black,  Mint, boxed, complete + filter $1845
>Leica 35f1.4 ASPH Summilux, black, Exc+, Mint glass, caps, black. $1595
>Leica 35f1.4 ASPH Summilux, Titanium, Mint, boxed, RARE now, was $2595, 
>$2395, now $2295
>Leica 35f1.4 "pre ASPH" Titanium, rare lens, Mint/box,complete was $1995,
>then $1895, now $1795
>Voigtlander 35mmf2.5 Classic Skopar, black, Exc++, boxed, shade, caps $200
>Voigtlander 35mm finder for above $125
>Leica 35f2.0 ASPH BLACK PAINT, MINT, 3 yr warr., complete was $1595
>Leica 35f2.0 ASPH, black chrome, new import, was $1295, then $1245, now 
>Leica 40f2.0 Summicron, black, Exc+, filter, hood was $495, now $395
>Leica 50f1.0 Noctilux, new import, latest was $2195, now $1995
>Leica 50f1.4 Summilux BLACK PAINT, was $2295, now $1895
>Leica 50f1.4 Summilux, chrome, US demo w/1 year warr., Mint/box $1295
>Leica 50f2.0 Summicron TITANIUM, 500 made for limited edition was $1295, 
>Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, wetzlar, chrome, in bubble was $495, now $445
>Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, current style, black, 1 year US warr/box $755
>Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, black, 12585 hood, Exc+ was $695, now $650
>Leica 50f1.5 Summarit, cleaned last year by DAG, Exc++ $495
>Leica 90f2.0 ASPH, new import, was $1495 now $1395
>Leica 90f2.0 ASPH, titanium, new USA $2295 (one only...)
>Voigtlander 90f3.5 APO Lanthar, black, New, USA, was $389, now $379
>Leica 135f3.4 APO Telyt, latest, Mint-, was, $1395, then $1295, now $1195
>Leica 28-35-50f4 Tri Elmar, New Style, E49, Leica USA demo, Mint, 1 year US
>warr.  $1595
>Shade for TE (E49) New, USA $139
>Leica Motor Winder (previous) for M4-P/M6, $89 ***this weeks web special***
>Leica R8 black, demo, Mint/boxed, 1 year US warr. was $1295, now $1195
>Leica R8 Motor Drive, kit, demo, 1 year US warr. $655
>Leica R6.2 black, leica USA demo, 1 year US warr. was $1595, now $1555
>Leica R5, black,  Exc+  $400
>Leica R4, black, Exc $295
>Leica R3 Mot,black, Exc $199
>Leica 19f2.8 Elmarit, latest, new import was $2295, now $2150
>Leica 19f2.8 Elmarit, earlier version, boxed with caps/shade/Mint glass 
>Leica 24f2.8 Elmarit, Exc++, caps, case was $549, then $499, now $450 
>weeks web special***
>Leica 28f2.8 Elmarit, Mint, boxed, latest, caps/shade was $1195, now $1095
>Leica 35f2.0 Summicron, late, E55, pull out shade, 3 cam, Mint- $995
>Leica 60f2.8 Macro Elmarit, 3 cam, Mint $999
>Leica 90f2.0 R, 3 cam, Exc+/boxed, great glass! was $675, now $625
>Leica 90f2.8 R lens, small and light, 3 cam, just cleaned by DAG, Exc+ in
>bubble was $395, now $350
>Leica 180f2.8 APO new import, complete & latest, was $2895, now $2425
>Leica 180f2.8 old style, 3 cam, tripod foot, sharp and cheap! $495
>Leica 200f4 Mint in box, Ser VIII, w/ retaining ring, caps, nice pair 
>Leica 280f2.8 APO, lens, shade, filter (no case) Exc++ $3495
>Leica 35-70f4.0 zoom,  Mint in case was $900, now $795
>Leica 70-210f4.5, boxed, LN  was $795, then $695, now $595
>Leica 2x APO tele converter, new import, was $1494, then $1295, now $1195
>***this weeks web special!***
>Full line of Metz Flashes, Gitzo tripods & Gossen Meters now available New,
>Metz 40MZ3i with Leica SCA adapter, discontinued, small but powerfull, demo
>$295 (one only, don't miss it!)
>Metz 54MZ3, with M7 adapter, now in stock, NEW USA $410 (before $40 mail in
>Gitzo Tripods: NEW LOWER PRICES ON NEW, USA GITZO TRIPODS starting any day!
>Leica 112mm ND filter, As new/boxed $209
>Hasselblad 501cm kits (80CFE, latest A12) 3 year US warranty, MT-, boxed
>USA Binocular Clearance (open box specials):   most unused, some sealed in
>bag...all US warr. Call
>Crumpler Bags: super bags, made well, everything but bullet
>proof...entertaining! Check them out at
>Glamour Photo Case (XL) $150 (fits a 'blad or two)
>Harry Palmer Device (L) $135 (terrific R8 bag)
>OLord (M) $110 (great for a Leica M outfit)
>Home Stayer (S) $85 (just an M or R6.2 camera and a couple lenses + film)
>Steamer (XS) $65 (stick your M6 + lens & flash and run...)
>Wonder Wenie (M) with photo insert $125 (messenger bag convt. to camera 
>good for M's)
>Super Snipe (M) with photo insert $125 (get the "USA flag" model & no one
>will think a $5k camera is inside)
>Also, send email for quick replies...
>Please call (646) 613-1107 and leave a message if I'm not in.
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