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Subject: Re: [Leica] Epson 2000P, An update and another ?
From: Andrew Moore <>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 12:04:04 -0400 (EDT)

> >A question for all.  Does anyone other than Epson make
> >a high quality archival printer for under $2000 that
> >makes prints of at least 11X14?
> Jon Cone has said that the 3000 is the perfect printer for Piezography.  It
> is a big, workhorse of a printer and can do prints larger than 11x14.  I
> bought my two refurbished on EBay for $900 apiece and have never had any
> problems with either one.  They have huge ink cartridges so you don't need
> the Continuous Ink System.  All kinds of archival inks in both black and
> white and color are available for the 3000.

I finally decided on the 3000 mainly due to the larger format (it will
print full 16 x 21 (i.e. none of that space taken up by white borders),
and as tina mentioned the big cartridges are nice.  I was also glad to see
that the cartridges are individual ones, not one conglomerate cartridge
containing all four colors.  That way when one color runs out I'm not
forced to throw all of them away together.

Now I'm just awaiting the correct piezo CD -- should arrive today -- (they
sent me the wrong one) and I'll finish up the tests/flushing/etc. and
tonight I'll hopefully run my first print.

Clear some space on the desktop; the printer is just over 2.5 feet wide!

I've heard complaints about the "pizza wheel tracks" and the mechanism
that feeds the paper through (sometimes doesn't push it through very well
and as a result the image gets compressed a bit) -- but I have yet to
determine if this is myth or reality.  Pizza wheel problem is easy to fix
(remove them, plenty docs on the net about this).

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