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Subject: Re: [Leica] Noctlilux and filters
From: S Dimitrov <>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 06:33:53 -0700
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Hi Mark;
I'm habitual user of the light yellow filter. A shameless habit I picked
up nearly 30 years ago while shooting with a N****.  Yes, I had also
Leica then. It gives me just enough separation between the sky and the
foreground. A Leica lens and a BW 021 yellow, it makes for a deadly
combination. I think I have that light yellow in every Leica thread
combination possible. I even have one for my Rollei TLR, made by Rollei.
They knew why once, I don't know if they still know!
Slobodan Dimitrov

Mark Rabiner wrote:
> S Dimitrov wrote:
> >
> > A UV filter only for extreme wet weather, or desert wind, etc.. I still
> > have a 60mm yelloer filter from when I had a 24mm. That filter I do plan
> > to use for some wide open outdoor shooting in the Los Angeles/Long Beach
> > Harbor.
> > Slobodan Dimitrov
> Slobodan I'd use a deep yellow or yellow green in such a circumstances.
> A filter that did something to the light!
> Absorbing some of it... a lot of it!!!
> Mark Rabiner
> Portland, Oregon USA
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