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Subject: [Leica] Web based photo sales for a sports event?
From: Rick Dykstra <>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 22:16:48 +1000

Hello everyone,

I've been lurking for while since dropping of the radar back a ways ....

Anyway, last year I did a big junior soccer tournament.  8 days of
frantic shooting, printing at night at a local lab, packaging and
selling from a marquee, with my wife and kids there and half the
neighbourhood involved, and two other photog friends in on the act. 
Talk about busy ...  M6s for the opening ceremony, R8 for the team shots
and casual portraits, F5 and 300 AFS for the action shots. 

So this year, the organisers would like the mums and dads back home in
other states or overseas to be able to see the pics of their kids as the
event progresses, on a web site.  Maybe they'll order copies (KaChing). 
 Maybe they'll order lots (KaChing, KaChing!). Or maybe stuff all :( .

I know a good lab that has a site ready to do just this.  They'll
process my films, do good quality traditional prints (6x9"), then scan
and upload to the site set up for the event.  Then as folks send
e-orders, they'll print digitally, pack, send, handle the money and
deposit my cut into my Swiss Bank Account.

So my question is - has anyone done an event this way?  I'm wondering
about the effect of the website upon direct sales from the marquee, such
as, "Why buy now when we can study the shots at leisure later?".  But
overall I'm thinking the site has to be a benefit. 

Any thoughts?


Rick Dykstra.
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