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Subject: Re: [Leica] Noctlilux and filters
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 21:32:30 -0700
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Karina wrote the unfortunate word and Noctilux in the same breathe! ...

>>> How many Noctliux owners use a  Leica UV filter on this lens.
> I bought one for protection but have since removed it...makes me a tad
> nervous relying on hood for protection, I have, always no matter what
> system I have used, gotten into the habit of putting on UV filters.
> (But then again I have never owned glass like this before)
> Leica advise against it.
> Anybody able to comment about inferior image quality as a result of

Dear Karina,
May I suggest as gently as I can, ____never put a UV filter on your Noctilux
____ at threat the front element will dissolve and flow out on the floor
like jelly! ;-) Your good fortune is you removed it before the jelly flow
happened. ;-)

First of all you do not need a filter on there for protection unless you're
standing on the deck of a schooner flying the waves or in the middle of a
Sahara sand storm. Mine has been unfiltered since it arrived out of the box
in the early 1970's when it became available in Canada.  And has traveled
the world sans filter ever since.

Now the lens shade? Well that's another thing, as the lens hasn't had a lens
hood on for about the past 15 years because the pins that held the lens
shade on fell out. Then it was going to cost a fortune to have them replaced
and a new hood. So it was, screw that, save the money and use the lens as
is! Oh yeah flare or whatever it is they call it? I suppose sometimes it's
there, but I can't say I've actually ever said, "Oh dear me look at the
flair, oh my goodness it spoiled my picture!" ;-)

And yep to this very day and as recent as yesterday on a shoot, it's had
neither filter nor lens hood and I do believe there are several LUG members
who've seen the lens hanging off the shoulder or in action. :-) The front
element is still as beautiful as new and the photos are just as sharp as in
the beginning.

So sell the filter my dear and buy yerself a fine bottle of single malt
scotch, far better use of yer Aussie dollars! :-)

Now what's important here is for you to realize there undoubtedly will be
any number of posts decrying my slovenly method and they'll rave on that
"You must use a filter for the protection of that beautiful piece of glass
and a whole bunch of other hogwash. In most cases they'll be some correct.
However? You do not need a filter on that lens for protection..... PERIOD!

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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