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Subject: RE: Off Topic [Leica] Ricoh GR1
From: "Joe Chan" <>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 18:11:10 +0100

I use a GR1s as my pocket camera too and agree that it's an excellent
camera. The only drawbacks are that the 28mm lens can be too wide for
certain subjects and the viewfinder display (i.e. shutter speed and focus
points) is not visible when the image contains bright areas (e.g. sky).

The exposure compensation and aperture priority are terrific and it has
three autofocus points - you can also lock the focus and preset it to

Here's an example of what it can do:

Joe Chan

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> []On Behalf Of Felix Lopez
> de Maturana
> Sent: 30 April 2002 23:59
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> Subject: RE:Off Topic [Leica] Ricoh GR1
> <BTW - I'm looking at the Ricoh GR1 as a pocket camera. Is it
> really as good
> <as everyone says? How good is the focus? It looks very nice.
> Rob
> I can give you some idea as it's my pocket camera just for sites where
> photography is merely forbidden. You can set, once for ever, flash off and
> unlike every p&s camera I know it will remain so for ever. You shoot with
> aperture priority. You get an excelent 28mm f1:2.8 with some falloff but
> with very good sharpness and not a lot of distortion, and the
> camera is made
> of magnesium, well built an it will last. It's not a 28mm mm.
> F1:2 Summicron
> ASPH but it's the best pocket camera I have (Others at home are
> Yashica T4,
> Konica A4, Olypus Epic called Miu here, and two nice tiny APS the
> Canon Ixus
> and a Minolta very, very little, I think it's a folding Efina
> (very often in
> the handbag of my wife).
> Others tell wonders of Leica Minilux, Minox 35, Rollei 35 and
> Contax T3 but
> I never had any of them. Up to now. Leica seems to me not
> pocketable. Minox,
> I used one of my father, is neither easy nor quick and same for Rollei 35
> but it's just my opinion. My favorite is Rico GR1 and, perhaps, in next
> future new GR21...
> Kind regards
> Felix
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