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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Re: EOS to Leica R adapter source
From: Joseph Yao <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 11:18:20 +0800

on 22/4/02 4:38 am, Lee at wrote:

> --- Joseph Yao <> wrote:
>> Of course I am sure - I have been using this adapter
>> for a couple of years
>> now and I think I am qualified to answer.  There are
>> no contacts on the
>> adapter: the EOS body will behave as if there are no
>> lens attached to it
>> hence no electronic focus confirmation.  I also have
>> a Contax to EOS adapter
>> and the situation is the same.
> Would you comment on how difficult/easy to focus when
> you use EOS body for lenses with different focus
> lengths, particularly on wide open for tele-lenses and
> small apertures on wide-angles?  Have you changed your
> EOS focus screen to use those lenses?
> Thanks.
> Lee

For telephotos the standard screen is sufficient and I have had no problem.
For wide angle lenses the optional screen with split-image focusing aid is
better, although I hardly use my EOS with R wide angle lenses, since there
are a number of R wide angle lenses that won't fit because of the protruding
rear element (R 19, R24 and R 35/1.4).

For my EOS RT body, because of the pellicle mirror, I had Bill Maxwell work
on the standard screen which is now brighter and more contrasty.

It is worth noting that EOS screens (and probably focusing screens of most,
if not all, AF SLRs) are optimised for brightness rather than contrast, and
thus are not as good for manual focusing compared to, say, that of the SL
and R8.


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