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Subject: Re: [Leica] Question about Scanners
From: Simon Lamb <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 09:41:43 +0100


I just spent the last four months researching scanners.  Go over to and register on the filmscanners forum.  You will get
more information that you can handle over there.  Also try and
register on the Scan forum. has a scanners forum
as does  All these are very active and you will
certainly get good advice, albeit every scanner has it's loyal proponents.

Please feel free to email me off list and let me know what specifics you are
looking for.  I will discus my own decision process (Epson 2450, 1680 Pro,
Nikon LS8000, Polaroid Sprintscan 120, Minolta Dimage Multi Pro, Imacon
Flextight Photo) and see if I can add any advice.


On 21/4/02 3:47 am, "" <> wrote:

> Hi fellow LUGgers,
> I am in the market for a scanner.  Mostly I will use it for scanning prints
> and negs and the occassional slide.  Of course, there will be occassions to
> scan documents too.  I am sure there was an old thread about this but being
> new to the list, I am posing the questions again.
> 1)  What is the best scanner for your money (assuming you don't have much)?
> 2)  What is the best scanner under US$500?
> 3)  What is the best scanner under US$1000?
> 4)  What is the best scanner - period.
> 5)  Which are the best places to buy scanners?
> Thank you.  I hope my questions are allowed by rules and regs of this list.
> Dante

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