Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2002/04/21

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Subject: RE:[Leica] Re: Re: EOS to Leica R adapter source
From: Javier Perez <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 00:47:12 -0700 (PDT)

Oh another thing
I just got an EOS 1 in the mail. Boy, this thing is
really built like a tank! It's truley massive and
feels very solid. I got it off ebay from a lady in
California whose photo website is apparantly

The camera is impressive but some reason the Japanese
still haven't figured out how to work around the same
type of problems they had 30 years ago. I bought it
as-is with an occasional mirror problem. Sometimes the
mirror would snap up after cocking. Initially I
thought the motor wind cycle was over running but it
turned out that the mirror cocking lever had bent
itself back after a few thousand rolls just enough not
to clear the lock catch every now and again. So I
reshaped the oh so ductile steel and it should be good
for another thousand rolls. The repair shop had told
her the shutter needed replacing so I was expecting a
far bigger repair but I lucked out. Anyway the point
to all this is that despite their tech advancements,
the top of the line Canons are still subject to fail
from cheap camera problems like levers yielding! That
just doesn't happen on a Leicaflex!

- --- Javier Perez <> wrote:
> I just happen to have a lot of R lenses lying around
> and would like to continue using them. I also have
> some
> interesting M42 lenses that can fit via adapter. I
> would like to see some of the softer colours you get
> with the older East German stuff. Some of those R
> and
> L lenses are too good sometimes. Ditto for the Zeiss
> Contax lenses.
> Javier
> --- Felix Lopez de Maturana
> <>
> wrote:
> > 
> > <When the R APO 180/2.0 is mounted to the Canon
> D60
> > you have a 288/2.0!
> > 
> > And if you fit a Canon EOS 200mm f1:1.8 L you get
> a
> > 320 mm f1:1.8 with
> > instant autofocus and a very good metering system.
> > Image quality? I should
> > like see the difference! But unfortunately I
> haven't
> > got the R APO nor any
> > project about it. And BTW I do not feel the need
> to
> > fit a R lens in my EOS
> > 1V. L lenses from Canon are superb. But forget
> > consumer zooms.
> > 
> > Kind regards
> > 
> > Felix
> > 
> > 
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