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Subject: Re: [Leica] LUG etiquette
From: Christer Almqvist <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 01:39:47 +0200
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I know who the people are that post messages like "nice shot, Bill" 
to the LUG as if all of us wanted to hear their opinion, instead of 
sending that message directly to the one person involved. Thus I 
never read their message and have no direct problem with them. I know 
who the wisecrackers are too, and I ignore them too.

It is the indirect effects of the wisecrackers and one-liners that 
upset me. I know of people who have left the LUG because of the 
one-liners and retorts. These were people who in the past posted 
relevant contributions. I miss their contributions, and hope they 
will rejoin the list once the wisecrackers and one liners are gone.

Thank you Brian, for managing this list.


>I've just read over all of the posts from the last month (whew!) and 
>I think that what's different about them from times past is the 
>tremendous increase in one-liners and retorts.
>I don't think one-liners and retorts, in general, bring value to a 
>group like the LUG. This is not a place for being witty unless you 
>can make your wit be visual or prosaic. Snappy comebacks, 10-word 
>repartee, and wisecracks do not seem to me to be something to 
>encourage here.
>It's obvious to me after reading a month worth of LUG in one sitting 
>who the people are that are doing this wisecracking repartee. What's 
>not obvious is whether they know they are doing it. I won't name any 
>names, but I'd like to see this kind of dialog be very much reduced 
>here, if you can. I hope you know who you are.
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