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Subject: Re: [Leica] U.S. custom laws and see you all ! ! !
From: Henry Ting <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 11:52:54 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks everybody for their input in bringing along
excessive gear in all the places I plan to visit. The
4457 custom form will sure help and I'll get a list of
equipments with the U.S govt official stamp on it.

Yes, a lot of equipments, but I plan on visiting
different countries for about a year before returning
to U.S. I wanted a mural size horse racing picture
with the jockeys cracking their whip at the finishing
line, hence I need my Leica R plus teles for that
(Hong Kong is a mecca for horse-racing and I only hope
they allow people to bring cameras to the track). Then
I wanted to visit the Ming and Forbidden city in
China, hence the M6 and the wide-angles, plus flash. I
also plan on another mural picture of Hong Kong harbor
shot from Victoria Peak at night, again the M with a
28/35mm, of course shooting from a tripod. In between
I'll be shuttling around between Thailand, Malaysia,
Cambodia and Singapore hoping to capture some images
of the tropical forest as well as Angkor Watt. For
that, I'll be lugging both my M and R. Since this is
going to be an extended trip, I might also swing over
to Macau for the Grand Prix. Again my Rs with zooms
are a necessity. Logistically, I have it all planned,
with all my gears in a LowePro backpack while
travelling between airports, then sort them out into a
smaller bag with gears for the individual daily events
I need. So the LowePro BP plus the equipment not
needed for the day will probably stay with the hotel's

I'll be leaving in a week and probably won't be back
in a year.

By the way, I have been invited to a LUG dinner in
Hong Kong on the 27th (courtesy of Dr Joseph Yao). I'm
really looking forward to meeting our eastern LUG
friends. So folks, anything you want me to find out
over there, just drop me a line.

- --- Jonathan <> wrote:
> Hi Henry,
> That's alot of gear to carry around!
> I would check the fedral building in LA.
> They should have a customs office there.
> Just take all your equipment and fill out their
> form...
> Quick and easy.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
> Henry Ting wrote:
> I'm taking an extensive trip and is considering
> bringing all my Leica gears with me. The outfit
> consists of 4 bodies (1 R4, 1 R6.3, 2 M6s) and 9
> lens.
> I might not use all these equipments, but would like
> to bring them along in case I need the odd lens or
> body in certain locations.
> While I never have problems taking a couple of lens
> and 1 M body in the past upon re-entry to U.S., but
> the bulk of these equipment might give the U.S.
> custom
> reasonable doubt that I purchased these equipment
> overseas and impose duties on me upon re-entry. Have
> any of you guys/gals declare your Leica goods before
> exiting U.S. ? And if so, where and how do I go
> about
> listing these equipment ? I'll be flying out of LAX
> from Los Angeles.
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