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Subject: Re: [Leica] new here! Q: about Leica R Summicron 35/2.0 vs PC Super Angulon 35/4 shift
From: Tarek Charara <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 12:55:27 +0200

I had the PC Super Angulon. It's (IMHO) of very limited use wide open. You
need to stop down to get reasonable results. You need a tripod and a level.
The diaphragm is not coupled and I thought 35mm was not enough for
architecture. I also had the Summicron 35, it's a very fine lens.

If you "do" architecture go for the modern PC 28. The contrast is higher
than the older model, the handling is muuuuuch better AND it's a 28...

If you don't need the shift controls, the Summicron 35 is a wonderful lens.


19.04.2002 10:19, "Kelvin" <> wrote:

> hi folks
> I'm new here...!
> Acquired my Leica R kit not so long ago from another listmember, who
> reminded
> me this list existed.
> I'm contemplating purchasing either the Summicron-R 35/2.0 , PC Super
> Angulon 35/4
> or even the Ukranian built Arsat 35/2.8 tilt-shift lens.
> If I had to choose one of three, which would be the most useful lens to
> have?
> Specifically, does the 35/4 support automatic diaphram and exposure modes?
> How useful is the 7mm shift ? I hear it's quite limited.
> Would the Arsat 35/2.8 tilt-shift be more useful as it has more shift , and
> tilt to boot?
> How does it compare optically ? (ok pls, I know Leica lenses are better...
> but
> some objective observations pls).
> Optically, how do both the 35/2 and 35/4 compare at f4.0 (I ask because I
> typically
> use 35mm lenses mostly between f4 and f5.6) ?
> Thanks!
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