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Subject: [Leica] U.S. custom laws
From: "Jonathan" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 17:45:09 +0800

Hi Henry,

That's alot of gear to carry around!
I would check the fedral building in LA.
They should have a customs office there.
Just take all your equipment and fill out their form...
Quick and easy.



Henry Ting wrote:

I'm taking an extensive trip and is considering
bringing all my Leica gears with me. The outfit
consists of 4 bodies (1 R4, 1 R6.3, 2 M6s) and 9 lens.
I might not use all these equipments, but would like
to bring them along in case I need the odd lens or
body in certain locations.

While I never have problems taking a couple of lens
and 1 M body in the past upon re-entry to U.S., but
the bulk of these equipment might give the U.S. custom
reasonable doubt that I purchased these equipment
overseas and impose duties on me upon re-entry. Have
any of you guys/gals declare your Leica goods before
exiting U.S. ? And if so, where and how do I go about
listing these equipment ? I'll be flying out of LAX
from Los Angeles.

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