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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: [OT} what type of print is most archival? (was: [OT] Digital Darkroom and why?)
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 21:12:15 -0700
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Eric wrote I think::
>How many prints have you made that you think somebody will take care of for
> >the next thousand years?  :)<<<

Gee I don't have any idea and quite frankly I don't give a flying hoop if
they last another 100 years... I'm not going to be here so who cares?

However, longevity aside, I have kicking around here original prints made on
single weight Kodabromide glossy paper that are 50 years old. Any number
that are 40 and some early RC paper from about 1970-71 that are still ok.

Came across some old Anscochrome 2 1/4 slides the other day during a search,
still not bad and they'd have to be at least 45 years old. Sure it's nice to
think a print you made will be kicking around some place in a 1000 years.
But lets get real, who really would give a hoop who's living today? NADA, no
one! And not anyone living a 1000 years from now, if the world is here a
1000 years from now.

So make yer prints out of gold, silver, platinum or whatever and enjoy 'em
while alive so you can make and see them and to hell with the after life.
Well OK make them so they'll last long enough for you to enjoy them 50
years. I am.:-) A thousand? Who cares.

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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