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Subject: [Leica] Spring Leica users cleaning
From: "Christopher Williams" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:00:58 -0500

Time for a few things to go, no black paint M3's or Dragon M6's though,

Leica IIIc #406454-- not ugly, but not pretty. also NOT working. shutter
curtains need fixed, may be missing parts.the shutter curtains are very
wrinkled inside the body.
no vulcanite, it is naked. it looks like someone had tried taking it
apart(no not me) and had given up. i found it at a old camera shop in the
back under lots of junk. i have a plastic bag with a few small parts that go
to the IIIc. in a nutshell, this is a PARTS camera. ---asking only $100.00

Another jem!-- A very ugly, but working 35mm Elmar 3.5 #251595. Lens is hazy
and had lots of cleaning marks. A lens for that SOFT look. It does have a
hazy middle effect on pictures. Barrel has many scratches, brass is showing
all over the place. Part of the focusing tab is missing, a small hole has
been drilled into the focus ring and barrel. Maybe to lock the lens for a
pinhole camera? Hole matches up with the 7 meter mark for distance. And yes,
this lens came with the IIIc!
Asking price is only $55.00 since it DOES WORK, sort of.

Leica Summitar folding shade in excellent condition with light wear. Shade
has Leitz Wetzlar Germany engraving. Comes with a very worn but usefull
Leitz Summitar Sunshade box.
Asking $40.00 for those who want that ULTIMATE large Leica hood on a small

Last but NOT least, I have a MIKAS-M microscope adapter with a
M-mount.Viewer is the 1/3x. Adapter is in excellent condition. Can you
really still even use this? I think the adapter needs another part to fit on
a microscope. Most photos I have seen show a chrome band at the bottom of
this MIKAS.
Asking only $50.00

Thanks for taking the time to read this long list.
I'm open to any offers. I need a M polarizer and I need a fund raiser.

Chris Williams
New Orleans

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