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Subject: RE: [Leica] A scary moment !
From: "Jeffery L. Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 16:02:13 -0500

>If you're shooting Ektachrome 400 film why are you using flash?

I was aiming the 283 at the ceiling to avoid the appearance of flash.

>Especially when it screws up the professional photographers set up?
This is funny?
>Am I on the planet Xenon? Why am i the only one who sees how rude and
low minded this behavior is?

I didn't say I thought it was funny. When he pointed out (very nicely,
by the way) what was happening, I limited the shooting to other rooms
where he wasn't taking pictures (this was all at the reception in a
Victorian mansion, not the church).

>I say when there is a professional photographer on the premises who is
being paid by your host;
>you do your best to stay out of thier way. They is there to GET THE
SHOT. YOU can play with 
>all the films you want.

Yikes, I did!

>Rude is a word which does not come close to covering it. It is
certainly rude to your
>HOST among other things. "Ungracious" is a word which comes to mind.

My host (the bride) ASKED  me to take candids at the wedding instead of
buying her a gift. I was a student living on $35 a week for food, etc.
and could't afford a gift anyway.

>What if you interfered with the preparation of the deviled eggs? Who'd
find that funny?

Good grief, this is getting a bit out of control. No, I didn't
interefere with the eggs.

>I hope a Leica was not being used. I somehow suspect it wasn't.

On a student's budget? No. It was a $169 Nikkormat and a 35/2 Nikkor.

Mark, I don't know how you read all of that vicious intent into my post.
I wrote it simply to show how a na´ve 25-year-old guy trying to do
someone a favor caused some problems. You've made it into a conspiracy
to destroy a professional photographer's reputation. It was not like
that at all. Perhaps you are on the planet Xenon. I'm down here on

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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