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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: The loss of any member is a loss for us all
From: Javier Perez <>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 20:16:01 -0700 (PDT)

That's funny I'm from New York
and I've noticed the exact opposite.
People in the south are more willing to disagree in
silence or better said let it go, while New Yorkers
are more likely to jump all over you if you say
something they don't like. Maybe it's an urban -rural
thing I've heard Houstonians will jump in quickly too.

- --- "Jeffery L. Smith" <> wrote:
> Alastair,
> I'm from the west coast of the U.S. and now live in
> the south. I can
> tell a difference between the different areas of the
> United States. The
> folks from New England are much more tolerant of
> heated discussions than
> are the southerners. I suppose the latter simply see
> it as bad manners.
> Above all, I think most folks lurk and the small
> percentage who talk a
> lot don't monitor their tone all that well. Keeps
> things interesting,
> but I don't like it when someone who has been
> attacked is hurt by it.
> Jeffery Smith
> Alastair said............
> I have been fascinated by the online process. When I
> first joined 
> this group, I was more Australian in the way I
> posted, but I soon 
> understood that I was not being understood -- jibes
> I took as funny, 
> others took far too seriously. I also noted the
> Europeans were on a 
> slightly different plane to the North Americans.
> I have not been on other groups to compare, but my
> experience has 
> taught me a lot about my self, my sense of humour
> and about the 
> sensitivity of others  -- where I would have not
> expected it. I would 
> agree with Brian, and also bow to his wider and
> wiser experience with 
> internet communities.
> Cheers
> -- 
> Alastair Firkin
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