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Subject: [Leica] Hawaiian Interlude Opus #3
From: John Collier <>
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 10:16:32 -0600

  Well I just got back from Hawaii and I had a marvelous time because I 
remembered Kyle's #1 rule:

Having a camera in another country does not make you a photographer, it 
makes you a tourist.

Now with no pressure on to top other photographers, curse about the 
weather or other such nonsense, I relaxed and had a great time. Lots of 
whales, turtles. volcanos, surfing and great sea food makes John a very 
happy boy indeed.

Several realizations in no particular order.

I used a 21mm lens almost exclusively. Strange because I hardly ever use 
it at home. I will have to get a 15 so I have a "wide angle" to 
compliment my "normal" lens on the next trip.

With twelve hours of overhead sun, who the h*** needs a light meter? I 
mostly used my M2 and did not bother metering much.

It is way too much hassle asking for a hand inspection of film and 
having to argue each time with a new security guard. Smile, relax and 
ask about their children or grand children.

I had a quite a few interesting side trips when I had to back track and 
find my 21's missing hood cap. The 35/1.4A's design is much more secure. 
Time for some discrete velcro.

I should have brought my 400 for the whales but chances are I would have 
had only a bunch of OK photos to show for the effort. I have to learn to 
specialize and enjoy the work of others.

My god! There are a ton of BAD volcano photographs out there. YUCK. 
Everyone who uses a Softar on a lava flow should tied up and flogged 
with their unmounted film. That and peach coloured stucco on houses 
pretty much make my blood boil.

That is about it except that I tried surfing for the first time and I am 
HOOKED. Not very good news for a landlocked prairie boy!

Now back to our regular programming....

John Collier

PS: I had a chance to try a M7 and while the viewfinder flare problem is 
better, it is still there. Do not rush out and buy the multicoated 

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