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Subject: Re: [Leica] Thoughts on the M8 for real ?????
From: "Ted Bayer" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 15:42:21 -0800
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Hi folks:

I find all this talk about an M8 digital and lousy processing by Kodak
rather useless other than to alert some of us less-than-informed people
to be sensible and buy one of the many other brands of film or cameras
and avoid all the hassles (I know, that's not likely, either, but at
least it can give us some hope).  So there is a positive side to it.

But let's pause for a moment and consider the alternatives.

First, if you want to go digital, do it.  But don't waste your time or
mine harping about what is or what will be when we all know that it
ain't gonna happen.

Kodak could give a (call it what you will) about how you or I feel when
a film goes south.  You pays your money and you get what you get.  End
of story.

As for a digital Leica - you've got one.  To make the M whatever into a
digital isn't going to happen.  So please, go on to something more
productive and save us all a lot of effort on the delete key.

Thank you,

Ted in Olalla

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From: "Henry Ting" <>
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Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 2:11 PM
Subject: [Leica] Thoughts on the M8 for real ?????

> As far as Leica is concerned, due to the demand of a
> digital M8 that can use all the existing lens of our
> current M, no doubt is tempting for Leica to pursue,
> both in riding on the success of the M and the
> Leicaphiles' desire to get into digital. However, to
> get into the digital arena, Leica will have to rely on
> non-German OEM to supply the electronic bodies. This
> is no small task. For any OEM to revamp what Leica
> wants from R&D to signing off the product design it
> has to commit to a long-term relationship which
> guarantees financial incentive for them to go into
> partnership. Leica has never been a company to market
> its product for the mass. It is at best a niche in
> this market and ONLY if we all will dish out an
> extraordinary amount of cash injection, will this
> partnership between Leica and OEM work. The danger
> here is while we all support Leica's film/35mm medium,
> a total digitalize M8 at best utilizing existing lens
> with no zoom, nor all the bells and whistles of the
> current state-of-the-art digital camera, will not
> attract new Leica users that are currently using
> Nikons or Minoltas to switch to Leica digital. Then on
> the other hand, if the M8 is to come with zoom, LCD
> screen, flash, zooms etc etc etc....then where is the
> similarity between the M and the M8. Such a digital
> camera will take to the form more akin to the
> Asian-designed body as well as function rather than
> the M. Also the technology, in digital domain, with
> desktop scanners, printers etc, can process any
> developed film, pictures into digital. Now one can
> argue that the M lens will be superior to any,
> compared with the current class of digital zooms; well
> I think the zoom lens is already proven to be
> perfectly adequate for digitalizing any imagery.
> Personally I just don't see any OEM will partner such
> venture given the current state of mind-set between
> the M and the rest of the digital systems.
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