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Subject: Re: [Leica] Uh.... earth to wannabe lawyers
From: "" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 20:56:26 -0500

</begin tirade>

The constant attacks here on lawyers (and sometimes doctors and dentists) is
unwarranted and frankly, inexcusable.  It's time for some people here to
grow up.

1.  The suggestion that lawyers are responsible for acrimony here is absurd.
Some of the most litigious people on this group are not doctors, lawyers or
dentists.  In fact *the* most litigious people here seem to be photographers
and digital processing people.  Marc Small and others squaring off in grand
fashion is not the norm, but the exception.

2.  The suggestion (which has even popped up in this thread) that "I don't
need a lawyer; I can read," (i.e., lawyers perform no societal function) is
absurd.  The proliferation of personal-injury lawyers is a testament to
society's utter lack of self-reliance and dependence on others to absolve it
of its own carelessness.  Similarly, people like me who do commercial work
know that many, many people (including a large number of photogs) who set
out on business expeditions often fail to organize their affairs properly
and end up getting screwed. This happens despite self-assurances they know
what they are doing.  Then they call us to bail them out.  Just like you
call a doctor to bail yourself out of your bad eating habits or a dentist to
bail yourself out of poor dental hygiene.

3.  I was not raised to make fun of people for who they are, their race,
religion, or what they do.  I have not observed the doctors, dentists and
lawyers here ridiculing professional photographers. I don't expect that
photographers (or people purporting to be them) should attack other groups
of people who work for a living. Anyone who thinks that doctors, dentists
and lawyers don't work should visit an emergency room, an oral surgery, or
my office at 11pm on a Tuesday.  Everyone has their own job.  Just as your
photo job is not "Blowup," my legal one is not "Ally McBeal."

4.  If it weren't for the rich doctors and lawyers (and dentists), who would
keep consuming technologically obsolete Leica M cameras at $2,000 a pop?
Who would buy your used-up M3?  Given the miniscule market share Leica has,
the medical, dental and legal professions are keeping your favorite brand
afloat.  That and the King of Siam, who is probably no photographer either
and has doubtless never worked a day in his life.

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Dante Stella

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