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Subject: Re: [Leica] Scottish whiskey shortage...Totally off Topic
From: Henning Wulff <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:41:58 -0800
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At 8:47 AM +0000 3/21/02, John Tobias wrote:
>As a Native Scot you should realise that "scotch" is a vernacular 
>term for whiskey used by non-scottish people! what we are talking 
>about here is finest Scottish whiskey (as opposed to that awful 
>japanese stuff or similar.

Well, looking at some bottles, the only single malt that I can see 
that _doesn't_ call itself 'Scotch' whisky is some distiller's 
edition 1979 Lagavullin. The other 8 all do.

>If you like Lagavuillin, then try Laphroig, also made with the peaty 
>water of the island of Islay (pronounced i-la)...not quite as 
>"smokey" flavour but brilliant none-the-less.

I like this as well, although it is slightly 'muddier' in character 
than Lagavullin. I have some Murray David bottled Laphroig that is a 
lot lighter and in some ways not as interesting, but 'cleaner'.

>My tipple....well I know an 18yr old Macallan cannot be beaten, its 
>even better than the 25yr old version (according to the still-man at 
>the distillery) The secret...they mature it in single-use sherry 
>casks which impart a very distinctive flavour....try it ...YOU WILL 
>NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED but for heavens sake add only a tiny bit of 
>water...NOTING ELSE, and certainly NO ICE!!!!

18yr Macallan, Glenrothes and 16yr Lagavullin are my favourites, and 
I'm not in the slightest scottish (except possibly in sentiment at 
times). Some 21yr old Canadian Century Reserve provides a good 
counterpoint. And again, I'm sorry that I have to agree that the 
Japanese whiskey is useless.

>Enjoy,  its our national drink!
>John (in Glasgow, Scotland)

As far as prices go, I'll be in Edmonton again in May, and there 
single malts are 20-30% less than here in BC. Stocking up time.

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