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Subject: [Leica] Canada build vs German build vs US build vs Japan build
From: Henry Ting <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 10:41:14 -0800 (PST)

Comparing Toyotas built in USA vs Japan is not quite
the same as comparing Leicas built in Canada vs
The stuff I got "made in Canada" are all high quality
stuff. I cannot honestly compare US varieties on par
with our northern neighbors. 
Case in point, I have a Classe (Montreal built)
amplifier and pre-amp that's been in use for the last
15 years and to this date, it still sounds sweet and
never ever even blown a fuse. While I vouch for the
Canadian electronics & optics, I cannot say the same
for German electronics. While mechanically German-made
products are very well made, but electronically, I
have my share of problems with the BMW's electronic

- --- "Langhans, Aram" <> wrote:
> Well, actually, yes.  At least with Toyota.  We had
> an 85 Camry until 2000.
> Never a problem.  Great car.  So, we bought a 99
> Camry.  It was the USA
> variety.  I know three other people with 99/2000
> Camry's, all Japanese
> built.  The fit and finish of my USA is far below
> the Japanese ones.
> Plastic panels don't fit right, the carpet doesn't
> fit right.  Rattles and
> creeks.  I had to disassemble the panels and put
> them in right.  Found most
> of the rattles and installed those parts correctly. 
> I haven't been brave
> enough to dig into the carpet and move it a few
> centimeters to get it to lay
> down right.  Summer project.  I don't trust our
> local Toyota shop.  No one
> buys locally after dealing with them.  But I heard
> they just sold out and
> there are new owners.  Maybe there is hope.
> Aram
> > Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 22:39:32 -0800
> > From: Ted Grant <>
> > Subject: 
> > Message-ID:
> <001101c1cfd9$fe425f20$>
> > References: <>
> > 
> > Sam Carleton wrote:
> > >>> Are the Canadian built lens inferior to the
> German built 
> > lens?  Is the
> > > glass made from a different raw material, making
> it different?<<<
> > 
> > Are the Honda's made in the USA inferior cars to
> those built in Japan?
> > 
> > ted
> > Ted Grant Photography Limited
> >
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