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Subject: Re: [Leica] elmarit M 28mm first version
From: Henning Wulff <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:40:12 -0800
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At 10:42 AM -0600 3/11/02, John R. Fulton Jr. wrote:
>If memory serves, the early 28mm Elmarit does not  allow metering 
>with M6. Is that a consideration? Frankly, I'm not sure it's even 
>true, it's been years since I remember hearing it.
>I have what I'm told is the second generation that does meter with 
>the M6 and I like it alot. I have the rectangular shade (also fits 
>21mm f3.4) sunshade and use it about half the time. I have never 
>noticed a flare problem when I don't use it.
>Right now, I'm leaving the 21 pre-asph f2.8  and 35 at home and 
>using the 28. It's not a bad compromise. Not as good as having both 
>of them. I try to keep my bag very simple since I carry this one 
>with me all the time--it has an M6, 28 & 50.  That covers about all 
>I need most of the time when I'm on the street.
>John Fulton
>Fort Worth
>>Hi all,
>>I just purchased a M 28mm elmarit first version, maybe I did not need it,
>>but it was too beatiful (really like new); but now I have some problems:
>>1) I have not yet the hard to find rectangular hood (moreover really
>>expensive) and i fear a flare prone behaviour of this lens (I shot some
>>rolls yesterday but I haven't developed them yet);
>>2) I mostly use 35 and 90 (both f2)summicron , and when I need a wide lens
>>I'm happy with my 21 elmarit (pre asph);the question is about the sane
>>decision: will I keep this lens or trade it for other leica stuff ?

It's true. The first version doesn't allow metering with the M6 and 
can damage the M5 and CL unless the mount is modified to not bring up 
the metering arm.

The second version is somewhat retrofocus and was designed for M5 
metering. Erwin's site has comparisons.

The hood is a good (but expensive) way to keep fingerprints etc. off 
the front element. A cheaper way is to get an old 48mm filter, dump 
the glass and just use the rim. The shade doesn't do a lot to change 
the flare characteristics.

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