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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAWs and alternates
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 09:10:30 +0100
References: <000501c1bf21$df3b0e60$90bd86ac@sonc>


I am not too troubled by the alternates. I usually post some myself, for one of
the following reasons:

1) because I genuinely cannot decide between two or three pictures. This was the
case with my Copenhagen shots in week 8. In that case, the responses have
indicated a clear preference for the alternate, often with reasons why. So by
posting both shots I got a lot of useful feedback. The same was the case last
year on several occasions, and I used that feedback in selecting my images for
the FOM2 project. In effect, I am using the LUG to help me with the editing job.

2) sometimes I want to make a series, such as with my Oktoberfest pictures last
October. In that case, the combined effect of the 9 images I posted that week is
greater than the sum of the individual shots.

Maybe you should do away with a self-imposed deadline of Monday. I too try to
post my PAWs Sunday or Monday but if I have a film in the camera that I know I
will develop, say, on Tuesday and which has images on it that I expect to be
good PAW candidates, then I wait.


Sonny Carter wrote:

> For what it is worth, I'm starting to recognize that we're not editing our
> stuff closely enough.   I'm guilty of it; this very week, I did not think
> either shot was strong enough, and I ended up posting a two-fer.
> Jeffery posted multiple shots, even Kyle is into series.   Kyle's question
> does beg an answer,  "When is it an idiom and when is it a rut?"
> I know I have high weeks and truly low weeks, but I do promise that no
> matter what I post, it is the best I have in hand on Monday morning.
> A couple weeks ago, I posted that dreadful shack shot, but it was the best I
> had.  Two days later, I had George and his Dragon costume.  I posted it just
> as a gallery entry, though it was clearly the finest thing I'd shot since
> Christmas.
> It was my "real Photo A Week", but I had missed my self-imposed deadline of
> Monday.
> I shoot lots of stuff, but some of it never makes the page, and some never
> gets posted.
> A couple of examples of shots that didn't make photo of the week, even
> though they made me feel good to shoot them.
> and finally, my lovely wife Kathy bakes all our bread, every week, even
> though she's a busy Mom of two boys, and a Public Health Nurse, and has to
> put up with me.
> Anyhow, enough of the these ramblings, I just want to urge you (and me) to
> become a little choosier about the stuff we show.  Maybe an alternate each
> time, then, if you have another you like, post it at another day of the
> week.  BUT, that said, if you truly have a series of shots that work
> together, by all means, post them as a series.
> It'll make the PAW more enjoyable, I promise.
> Regards,
> Sonny
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Nathan Wajsman
Herrliberg (ZH), Switzerland


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