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Subject: RE: [Leica] PAWS and alternates
From: "Jeffery Smith" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 19:11:27 -0600

I cannot argue with anything you've said. Kyle's ground rules were flexible,
and some folks balk at posting things not-Leica. I have assumed three
guidelines to be in place, although I've never seen them listed anywhere.
They are:

(1) no fair dredging up something from 5 years ago, just to make the weekly
quota (I think this is the most egregious of the unwritten violations).

(2) no fair posting 6 things and asking for a vote (hey, I was kidding when
I suggested a PAW swap; if I cannot figure out what is my favorite at this
point, I have a problem). I do admit that some folks have pointed out things
that I missed in my own photographs. But let's try to learn by our own

(3) if someone says that the photo is not good, no griping from the
photographer. You asked for the critique. Try to learn from the critiquer
rather than rationalizing the work.

We also have some slack.

(1) Not done with a Leica? No big deal.

(2) Not good enough to be posted in a gallery in Laguna Beach? No big deal.

(3) Not your best work of the year. No big deal. 51 weeks of PAWs fit that

I'm not proposing that these be the PAW rules, but they are what works best
for me. I think that we can add Sonny's suggestion to the top set, i.e.,

(4) the image should be what you consider to be the best thing you've done
in the past 7 days.

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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> Carter
> Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 6:19 PM
> To: Leica Users Group
> Subject: [Leica] PAWS and alternates
> For what it is worth, I'm starting to recognize that we're not editing our
> stuff closely enough.   I'm guilty of it; this very week, I did not think
> either shot was strong enough, and I ended up posting a two-fer.
> Jeffery posted multiple shots, even Kyle is into series.   Kyle's question
> does beg an answer,  "When is it an idiom and when is it a rut?"
> I know I have high weeks and truly low weeks, but I do promise that no
> matter what I post, it is the best I have in hand on Monday morning.
> A couple weeks ago, I posted that dreadful shack shot, but it was
> the best I
> had.  Two days later, I had George and his Dragon costume.  I
> posted it just
> as a gallery entry, though it was clearly the finest thing I'd shot since
> Christmas.
> It was my "real Photo A Week", but I had missed my self-imposed
> deadline of
> Monday.
> I shoot lots of stuff, but some of it never makes the page, and some never
> gets posted.
> A couple of examples of shots that didn't make photo of the week, even
> though they made me feel good to shoot them.
> and finally, my lovely wife Kathy bakes all our bread, every week, even
> though she's a busy Mom of two boys, and a Public Health Nurse, and has to
> put up with me.
> Anyhow, enough of the these ramblings, I just want to urge you (and me) to
> become a little choosier about the stuff we show.  Maybe an alternate each
> time, then, if you have another you like, post it at another day of the
> week.  BUT, that said, if you truly have a series of shots that work
> together, by all means, post them as a series.
> It'll make the PAW more enjoyable, I promise.
> Regards,
> Sonny
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