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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Jem Kime
From: "Jem Kime" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 19:48:33 -0000
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Kind of you to ask, and I shall reveal all.
Up until last Summer I'd been living a lazy life and able to read, digest
and respond to any of the myriad mailings this list produces (I came back to
214 today).
Early July I stopped moping sround looking for TV work and took on two
different jobs which neccessitated spending some serious work time to
getting things going. I started lecturing two to three days a week at
schools and these are spread out around the north of England so that feeds
my desire for travel, and simultaneously I took over running a camera shop
which deals solely in used (and classic) photographica.
In November I decided that the shop was interesting enough to devote some
investment money into so I've bought it.
(Cue the old story about the man who won a fortune and decided to buy a
camera shop and run it until the money ran out...)
Well it seems to paying its way well enough and should repay the investment
easily within a year so I'm very happy with that.
I'm waiting to get on-line at the shop and then I'll be able to waste my
free time there talking to you guys rather than cleaning/fixing the cameras,
cleaning the shop, selling gear, speaking to customers, etc. !
I came back onto the LUG after hearing that the M7 is waiting in the wings
and hopefully hear some of the gossip and reaction to it, I haven't been
I shall be at FOCUS here in the UK (at Birmingham) on the Sunday, which
happens pretty much at the same time as the PMA over in the 'States.
I'm also looking forward to seeing whoever in Photokina again this
September, the coffee's on me this time Jim !

best regards,

The best thing about owning a camera shop is that I've been able to cure
myself of collecting! I'm happy to sell all my collected gear and just keep
the user stuff! Brilliant! It's an expensive cure, but it works...

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